NEw Night Babies


conscious groove poetry


The New Night Babies is a spoken word band based out of Berlin, Germany. The group consists of vocalist RonAmber Deloney/DJ Skinpolitik, guitarist Jo Kaa and bass player, Branco Brancowitsch. The band began in the home studio of bass player Branco, and they have been performing together for over 6 years. Sliding poetry across electronic riffs and jazz/blues guitar, their style is a mix of words and rap. Their first album Of Brickwalls and Breezeways and the second album, Lilac and Rapeseed, are both available on iTunes.


Spokenword - DJ Skinpolitik
Bass/Producer - Branco Brancowitsch
Guitar - Jo Kaa

Skinpolitik images © Wallace Pixmaker - Paris, France
Jo Kaa images © Mbuguah Goro - London, England